Our Work- Auto Rickshaw Monitoring System
Auto Rickshaw Monitoring Information System [ARMIS]
ARMIS (Auto Rickshaw Monitoring Information System) is a web-based application that has been developed to track and monitor the Auto Rickshaws plying in an Indian city, in real time, based on the data received from the Electronic Digital Auto Fare Meter with Printer and GPS which are installed in the Auto Rickshaws. The ARMIS application uses the Open Street Map Service (OSM) to track and monitor the live status and movement of Autos plying on the roads of the city. Apart from tracking and monitoring, the application also features replay, managing Panic Alerts, Over the Air Configuration of Fare and generation of various analytical reports.
Development of the ARMIS software application which enables the various stake holders involved like the Transport Department, Police Department, Legal Metrology Department, AFM Vendor(s) etc. for tracking/monitoring of Autos in the city, handling PANIC alerts, configuring AFM devices, device health monitoring, generating Installation Receipts and viewing different types of analytical reports.

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