Staff Augmentation Services

Build-operate-transfer model for product development

Entiovi is a technology solution & services provider with special focus on staff augmentation for product companies, helping its customers to grow their business and cut costs using the latest technology solutions & resources. Our customer’s satisfaction fuels our growth. We are continuously adopting and learning new technologies & skills to be market ready.


Proposed Model

Entiovi jumpstarts client operations using ready infrastructure in India. Entiovi hires team members as per Client’s staff augmentation requirements.


  • Understand immediate / long term needs

  • Decide initial team size, Scaling goals

  • Hire initial team

  • Begin Knowledge transfer

  • Set up remote access to development resources via secured infrastructure

Entiovi sets up processes for remote development in such a way that the Offshore team integrates tightly with Client’s core development team. 

After initial processes have been setup, Entiovi ramps up the team to the desired strength.

Steps :

  • Set up processes for Dual Shore

  • Development.

  • Scale up as required.

  • Regulatory Compliances.

  • Enforce policies & measures for Employee Retention.

After the operation is running for a minimum period [mutually agreed by Entiovi and Client] and a team member has served that minimum period,  Client will have option to transfer the resource to their payroll directly.

Step :

  • Employee transfer

Proposed Model

Dual Shore Development with 14 hours Development Cycle with 4-5 hours overlapping time.

Contractually, all IPRs related to the Client work will be assigned along with BOT Contract for Employee Transfer option.

Unique resource retention / scale-up policy. For every 5 resources, Entiovi will provide 1 shadow trainee / junior resource free-of-cost till ready-to-be-deployed.

Commercial Strength Security Infrastructure to ensure protected remote development environment.

Hybrid working model – National talent working in hybrid mode and quarterly 15 days working from central office location.  

Prior experience in staff augmentation for product companies.

Monthly Fixed Cost Model prevents budget overshooting.

Flexible engagement model

Flexible engagement model to fit every client need.

Proven delivery track record

A proven delivery record of high quality software solutions.