We shall operate globally and bring the benefits of Information Technology to improve the productivity of our customers, and the quality of their products and services. We shall be a vibrant organization where openness, trust, teamwork, simplicity and innovation are valued and promoted.


Entiovi will provide comprehensive and cost-effective IT solutions and services to organizations and institutions all over the world to improve their competitiveness, building on its strengths in maintenance, systems integration, communication, and software development. Services and Support will continue to be a key business area and will be strengthened to improve price performance and market share.

Our Organization

Entiovi Technologies was incorporated in 2017 but the seeds of creation of the organization were sown in the decade of the nineties. The founders of Entiovi were at that time engaged in bespoke software development activities , mainly on Oracle based platforms. From the turn of the century the move was towards developing solutions based on Microsoft technologies with a focus on serving Public Sector organisations and the MSME sector. Meanwhile , the management also diversified into ITES activities like E- book creation, On line Recruitment Examination processing and IT enabled G2C projects.

Towards the start of 2008, another venture was formed to cater to outsourced software solutions, mainly for US clients. Here, the emphasis shifted more towards a combination of open source and Microsoft based technologies and a dedicated ODC was set up. Meanwhile , in the year 2009, anticipating a gradual shift towards data driven analytics, a major BI product was launched by the group, in Paris .This entity packaged and sold BI and analytics solutions to some major national and international clients and won international acclaim. The original ERP organization grew on to become a SAP solution house catering to major national and international clients . With a mix of all these experiences Entiovi was incorporated to converge these competencies into a group where :

  • Software and solutions practices are built primarily using open source practices.
  • Customized software development and dedicated ODC for reputed international clientele.
  • Unique innovations in G2C IT solutions for premier national institutions.
  • Practice is being established on cloud based pipeline and integration.
  • Product idea is being thought of in the new age web 3.0
  • The group is a registered associate with World Bank and other Global group organisations
  • Engineering services and metaverse is being launched as a new initiative
  • IOT based practices and their linking to analytics are being established ​

Today's Entiovi is a blend of youth and experience with exposure to functional areas like Freight and Logistics , healthcare , BFSI, safety, EDG. We owe this to our humble beginnings and hard work. The management is proud to have great associates from leading consultancy and technology houses from across the world.