Abhik Goswami


Abhik has been a career entrepreneur in the field of IT Services for the past 25 years and has successfully lead the operations of highly skilled IT service and product development organizations. Starting his career in an era where client server based architecture were the only answer to Enterprise Development, Abhik gradually transitioned into a leader in managing outsourced development processes from clients in the Bay area, USA. A large part of his time now gets devoted in mentoring people in operational situations while moving through various facets of technology. At the start of his career, Abhik was an advocate of custom built processes but later on as and when he led companies who were into stuff like SAP implementation , he was keen on the advocacy of standardisation.

A suave and gentle guy , Abhik is very much a family man and has a closed circle. He has remained an avid reader of comics and serious literature side by side. He holds a Masters Degree in Economics.