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Entiovi’s strong experience in Machine learning and artificial intelligence are the game changers required to solving tomorrow’s healthcare data challenges. Entiovi, along with its Healthcare Partner, Data Driven Health [DDH] from USA, offering analytics driven healthcare solutions in the areas of Population Healthcare and Collaborative Healthcare. DDH’s analytic-driven solutions provide actionable data insights and innovative visualizations needed to improve clinical, financial, and patient engagement outcomes throughout the healthcare ecosystem.

Data-Driven Population Health

Data Driven Metrics is a flexible national population health and quality improvement model that implements a simple and effective approach to educate and motivate clinicians to improve the quality of care provided in their practice.

- Clinician Performance Dashboards providing a visual reflection of selected patient populations/performance measures – collecting both clinical and claims data. Clinicians are able to benchmark their performance with their peers and the nation
- Educational interventions and activities that close gaps in care (configurable by populations of interest)
- Burden of Illness/Cost Savings Analysis
- Stakeholder Dashboard providing all metrics on National/Regional/State/Practice levels

Data Driven Metrics’Clinical Performance Dashboard tracking identified patient populations. Dashboards ingest clinical and/or claims data from EMRs, HIEs, Payers, etc.

Population health management efforts that are successful in helping individuals identify, prevent, and/or better manage their conditions can deliver significant return on investment (ROI).

Data Driven Metrics’Stakeholder Dashboard tracking all clinical and behavioral metrics on National/Regional/State/County/Practice levels

VaxBenchmark – National Program utilizing Data Driven Metrics Platform


- Over 9 million patients
- Over 800 thousand clinicians
- Tens of millions in projected cost savings each quarter


Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants


Overview The FluDemic™ AI Prediction Center Premium is a disease surveillance & population health platform that tracks and forecasts COVID-19 and Influenza-Like Illness in real-time to address the immediate needs of citizens and multiple stakeholders (governments, health systems and community leaders, etc.)

By sourcing real-time clinical and non-clinical data feeds into our proprietary machine learning algorithms, FluDemic™ Premium micro targets patient cohorts and predicts geographies that are the most susceptible for future surges, outbreaks, socioeconomic risk for spread, and quantifies the overall impact beyond the viruses (economic factors including social determinants of health).

FluDemic™ Premium tracks, measures & forecasts the effectiveness of interventions, playing an integral role in signaling and monitoring to prevent shutting down the economy.

FluDemic™ Spread Visualizer displays realtime hotspots (active infections) Overall
visualization when a block group is selected.

FluDemic™ Trend Analyzer displays summary and forecast of all identifed metrics &
recommended interventions with the ability to drill down (State/Region/County/Community).