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Vehicle Tracking and Passenger Information System for an Indian State

  • Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) is a leading passenger road transport organization having a fleet strength over 18,000 buses and operating approx.
  • 85,000 bus trips daily. More than 65 lakhs passengers (on an average) are availing MSRTC’s services daily.
  • The VTS and PIS at MSRTC is a web-based application that has been developed to track and monitor the Buses managed by MSRTC, in real time, based on the data received from the GPS based Vehicle Tracking System installed in buses. The application uses the Open Street Map Service (OSM) to track and monitor the live status and movement of buses plying. Apart from tracking and monitoring, the application also features Route Creation, Replay and Generation of various analytical reports.
  • Also, PIS (Passenger Information Systems) will be installed at MSRTC bus depots/ bus stands which are connected to the central server to display real time information of the vehicles.

The project consists of development of the VTS and PIS for MSRTC software application which enables the various stakeholders involved like the Transport Department, Police Department, Legal Metrology Department, MSRTC, AFM Vendor(s) etc. for tracking/monitoring of busses in the state of Maharashtra, handling PANIC alerts, configuring AFM devices, device health monitoring and viewing different types of analytical reports.User Management with Access Control Layer and their authorized capabilities

  • Dashboard of Administrator and Other Authorized Users
  • Tracking and Monitoring of vehicles on Real Time Basis
  • Replay based on Historical tracking data
  • Alert Management
  • Remote Device configuration & Firmware Upgrade
  • Route Creation and management
  • PIS configuration and management & Reporting