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Urban Transportation & Freight Integration for Indian Cities

  • Identifying major corridors of freight movement for cargo for ingress to/outgress from the city
  • Identify the city in zones which are contiguously connected but have discernible characteristics of freight movement
  • Identify the major markets within the zones where cargo carriers download/upload Cargo
  • Entry point survey – ~150 points in 14 zones – 14 hours data collection for 7 days in each point
  • Survey of movement of goods vehicles – 10 corridors, 24×7 for 7 Days
  • Structured Interviews in Local wholesale and retail market – ~150 Market data collection
  • Freight Analysis – Modeling and Analysis
  • Count of vehicles of different types that come in/go out of the city and the count of vehicles which ply within the city boundary.
  • A comprehensive database of number of vehicles, their type, the cargo they carry and transport .