About us

Our Benefits

A US based large bulk transportation Company

  • To provide bulk logistics solution for bulk food grade, plastics and dry chemical products
  • Developing a planning system that helps the company to plan the routes, trailers, trucks for the drivers
  • To be able to collect real-time data of their trucks, drivers to help them plan the transport and commute better
  • Managing driver’s drive time as per regulatory requirements
  • Develop a planning module that helps the planners plan the routes for the drivers
  • A real-time tracking module of the tractors with GPS that enables better planning for unforeseen circumstances
  • A robust user and role management system for admin, planners that enables them to plan in their respective terminals
  • Reduced over all travel distance due to efficient routes
  • Saving drivers drive time due to efficient planning
  • Decreased fuel costs due to planning the trailers and tractors in closer locations