Client: ClearedTalent

Year: 2020

Timeframe: 2 Years 6 months

Main Service: Community Platform

Extra Service: Business Coaching

Return Over Investment:

A pre-vetted talent community platform that helps employers hire talent


  • Screen the candidates through a video proctored test
  • Provide a constant pipeline of vetted candidates for employers and partners
  • Helping candidates find their next career based on their skills
  • To provide an application tracking system for the companies to streamline their hiring process
  • To partner with other business to help with their recruitment using ClearedTalent platform


  • Azure
  • JavaScript
  • React


  • Building a Video Proctored test using JavaScript with cheat detection
  • Building a PoweResume module for the candidates which showcases their skills, experience and the tests that they have taken
  • A robust user and role management system for admin and recruiters to manage their talent community


  • Increased efficiency of hiring for the employers as they can select from pre-vetted candidates.
  • Companies can streamline their hiring process by using the Application Tracking system module in ClearedTalent.